He makes me feel so connected, and so safe and loved. I don’t think I’m ever going to find someone else who is going to make me feel like that.


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Every Glee song ever 
You Make Me Feel So Young

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We just wanted to be us, together.


celebrity crushes ~ darren criss
“I’m the opposite from what people pin me as… I’ve kind of made it a habit where if you expect me to do something, I am usually immediately averse to that idea, and I try to do something else.”

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Get to know | The New Directions. (insp.)

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"Already Home" - Kurt/Blaine


A fill for this thing that I spewed a while ago.

Vampire!Blaine/human!Kurt.  Early!Klaine.  Rachel convinces Kurt to join the Vampire Hunting Club their senior year because it’s the only one they haven’t joined.  Blaine transfers to McKinley and decides to join the club in order to try and hide in plain sight.  

Warnings for: a scene with some bullying (nothing graphic or followed through on) and consensual blood drinking as part of sex.

"You have got to be joking," Kurt says in a monotone, standing outside of the empty classroom with a simultaneously bored and exasperated expression. "Vampire Hunting Club is so last year. It’s just a bunch of Twilight nerds and a few jocks trying to look all hyper-masculine by making up stories about ‘taking out the undead’…”

"It’s the only club that we haven’t joined," Rachel says, "and we need every possible extracurricular that we can fit in if we’re going to get into NYADA, Kurt." She bounces. "Besides, our friends are already members, and I hear that they have a bead on the most current trends in hunting apparel, which I know you—”

He raises a hand, cutting her off. “We do not speak of this in public. You know that.”

"They only meet twice a month," she wheedles, tugging at his sleeve. "And there are cookies."

His eyes narrow. “If anyone asks, I’m only doing this because you made me.”

She squeals. “Yay!”

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